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Maurus Lauber

Christian Kaspar
Head of Market Management

Rolf Stebler

Andreas Niederhauser
Head of Marketing Services

Rh & Support

Pinia Ziegler
Manager HR & Assistant CEO

Tabea Mandour
Project Manager GBT

Nadine Meier
Manager Finance, Reporting & IT

Dirección de mercados

Christian Kaspar
Head of Market Management

Fausto Zaina
Team Leader Overseas / Market Manager Asia Pacific

Andreas Nef
Market Manager Americas & IMEA

Una Jing Sun (based in Bejing)
Sales & Marketing Manager Greater China

Thomas Hoffmann
Team Leader Europe / Market Manager Europe North & East, UK

Matteo Spiller
Market Manager Europe South & West

Christoph Leu
Market Manager Austria & Germany

Nabil Bahous
Market Manager Switzerland Incoming & MICE

Isabella Ignacchiti Drüeke
Team Leader Content & Media/Trade Communication

Michelle Kälin
Manager Content & Media Projects

Lara Thoma
Manager Market Coordination & Sales Support

Ladina Wunderli
Coordinator Content & Media

Nathalie Röthlin
Trainee Market Management

Janine Zingg
Trainee Media Relations

Dirección de marketing servicios

Andreas Niederhauser
Head of Marketing Services

Christian Bachofner
Manager Product & Distribution

Nadia Ficer
Manager Corporate Design & Production

Lorena Oliveri
Manager Marketing Communication

Debora Pauli
Manager Online Marketing

Carmen Schickli
Manager Corporate Design & Production

Stefan Sutter
Team Leader Product & Distribution

Daniel Steinacher
Trainee Marketing Services